The birth process has an enormous impact on the body. Few people understand the stresses and strains a new born undergoes during this process, not to mention the mother! Babies that have experienced a difficult or traumatic birth can have stresses and strains within the membranes of the skull or other parts of their bodies.

This can lead to symptoms such as difficulty in feeding, reflux, colic, plagiocephaly (skull deformation/flat head), muscular restrictions, incessant crying, torticollis, congestion and difficulty sleeping.

Osteopaths are uniquely trained to diagnose and treat these conditions and will help your baby to deal with the unresolved strain and remove stress from their developing little bodies.


Children are constantly changing and adapting as they grow and develop. Osteopathic treatment can prove to be extremely effective if children show signs of difficulty during these times of constant change.

Effective treatment can be seen in coughs, colds, ear infections, headaches or after big falls or injuries. Osteopathy can also help teenagers with sporting injuries, period pain, postural problems and growing pains.

Women’s Health

If you experience pain during your period or suffer from endometriosis, Osteopathy can help by removing musculoskeletal restrictions found in the pelvis and lower back. The pelvis is an extremely important convergence point for all body functions, and plays a particularly important role during pregnancy.

Osteopaths can provide treatment that will decrease lymphatic congestion and improve the fluidity within the whole pelvis reducing pain and discomfort. Osteopathy can also help prepare the body for conception.

Headaches & Migranes

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), headaches are the most common disorder affecting the nervous system with 47% of the adult population reporting to suffer from headaches in the past year (2015)

There can be many reasons why a Patient can have frequent headaches. Headaches affect the same muscles and arteries of the neck. When treating for headaches, Osteopaths examine musculoskeletal restrictions in the upper back and neck in order to relieve any areas of tension.

Back & Neck Pain

Osteopaths have particular expertise in treating the back. In particular, they can treat discal injuries, non-specific (general) low back pain, rib pain, sciatica and neck pain. As the majority of back pain is as a result of lifestyle.


Osteopaths can help manage ongoing conditions with specific advice on ergonomics and exercise advice.

Shoulder Pain

Over the past number of years, given the proliferation of computer, tablet and smartphone use, there has been a marked increase in shoulder complaints.

Osteopathy can help by removing restrictions in the musculoskeletal structures and provide advice on how to stretch and strengthen shoulder muscles to reduce pain while maintaining mobility.


We all lead such busy lives it is easy to get stressed every once in a while. Stress can cause muscular tension and difficulty with sleeping due to overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system (also known as “fight or flight” response).

Stress can have considerable impact on the proper functioning of the body and stress can often manifest itself in a muscular symptom.

Osteopathy can help reduce muscular tension and help with effects that stress can have on the body.