Osteopathy techniques




This is an expansion of the general principles of Osteopathy which includes a special understanding of the central nervous system and a mechanism called the Primary Respiratory System. This treatment technique explores the mobility of the nervous system, mobility of cranial bones and sacrum.

It is a very gentle technique and can be used on the young and not so young and can help with variety of ailments.



The abdomen, pelvis and organs are made up of specialised tissue or smooth muscle and have ligament attachments to hold them in place. When problems occur in these areas they can manifest themselves in muscle spasms and inflammation in that particular area.

Visceral Osteopathy aims to alleviate restrictions or tensions in these areas which will result in improving the workings of tissues and organs.

Visceral Osteopathy involves gentle and deep external palpation of the body.



‘Manipulation’ is a widely used term, however depending on the discipline involved, it will mean different things and will involve different types of techniques being used. Osteopaths use the term to indicate any alteration or change to body tissue (i.e.  muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, viscera, and fascia). This broad interpretation means that any and all treatments by Osteopaths involve some form of manipulation – whether the treatment that it is given involves soft tissue massage, cranial or visceral treatment.

Prior to commencing any treatment, the Osteopath will discuss the treatment proposed, and will take on board any particular preferences the Patient may have in this regard.

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There are many different types of soft tissue techniques. The most common technique is a massage technique to stretch and relax the muscles of the body. Within the ‘massage technique’ category, there are a variety of styles and techniques for treating different muscle conditions.

Osteopaths are trained and use the most appropriate technique when working on muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body. While Osteopaths will treat and relax the relevant muscle, treatments aim to identify the root cause so as to obtain more long lasting results.

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